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Fixed Bugs

Reported bugs that have been fixed

Posted Updated Title Forum
2013-02-20 2013-03-02 [Fixed] Firefox 19.0 leaves empty folders in %LOCALAPPD Firefox Portable
2013-02-19 2015-11-01 [Fixed] uTorrent leaves an Add/Remove Programs Entry General Discussion
2013-02-12 2014-02-05 [Fixed] Problem with Launcher -- Anoth Graphics & Pictures Apps Support
2013-02-07 2017-08-15 [Fixed] LibreOffice Portable 4.0.0 failing to start LibreOffice Portable
2013-02-05 2013-08-07 [Fixed] Stellarium deletes my extra stars Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2013-02-04 2013-02-04 [Fixed] Notepad++ Portable upgrades Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2013-02-01 2013-02-07 [Fixed] Opera Portable Directory bug Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2013-01-25 2013-01-25 [Fixed] Unetbootin is listed incorrectly in Portable Ap Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2013-01-22 2014-08-23 [Fixed] PortableApp Updater installation language quest Platform
2013-01-20 2013-10-20 [Fixed] Problem with IObitUnlocker Portable Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2013-01-11 2013-01-11 [Fixed] RufusPortable download failure Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2013-01-07 2013-07-23 [Fixed] About Project Invincible Portable Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2013-01-06 2013-01-06 [Fixed] HiJackThis Portable Wrong Category Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2012-12-20 2013-11-03 [Fixed] Foxit Reader Portable 5.4.4 leaves an entry in Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2012-12-17 2012-12-17 [Fixed] Pingus Bad links Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2012-12-17 2012-12-21 [Fixed] Skype MS Live and Facebook login doesn't w General Discussion
2012-12-16 2013-04-14 [Fixed] World Clock leaves a critical file behind Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2012-12-07 2013-01-31 [Fixed] different failures in Peazip Portable Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2012-12-07 2012-12-07 [Fixed] DebugView Portable in wrong category. Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2012-12-06 2012-12-25 [Fixed] PicPick doesn't save settings when opening Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2012-12-06 2013-03-16 [Fixed] LibreOffice splash screen design LibreOffice Portable
2012-11-30 2012-11-30 [Fixed] Web page not updated Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2012-11-30 2012-11-30 [Fixed] Custom.nsh refers to OpenOffice? LibreOffice Portable
2012-11-29 2013-01-19 [Fixed] Firefox Portable leaves registry key SubmitCras Firefox Portable
2012-11-28 2012-12-01 [Fixed] Maxthon download issue General Discussion