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Submitted by mwayne on February 19, 2014 - 10:29am

Official Releases

Application App Type Homepage Release Page
CPU-Z Utilities: system profiler CPU-Z Portable 2014-04-02
Everything Utilities: local search utility Everything Portable 2021-11-03
FreeCAD Graphics & Pictures: 3D computer-aided design (CAD) tool FreeCAD Portable 2020-09-27
FastStone Image Viewer Graphics & Pictures: image browser, converter, and editor FastStone Image Viewer Portable 2017-05-31
GPU-Z Utilities: graphics system profiler GPU-Z Portable 2014-04-03
Mumble Internet: voice chat for gaming Mumble Portable 2016-11-04
Open Broadcaster Software Music & Video: Live streaming and recording software OBS Studio Portable 2018-08-20
PCI-Z Utilities: PCI devices profiler PCI-Z Portable 2015-12-08
PotPlayer Music & Video: hardware enhanced media player PotPlayer Portable 2018-02-15
Q-Dir Utilities: quad-pane file manager Q-Dir Portable 2014-02-17
ReNamer Utilities: powerful file renaming tool ReNamer Portable 2017-09-13
Shotcut Music & Video: video editor Shotcut Portable 2020-07-02
SSD-Z Utilities: SSD information tool SSD-Z Portable 2016-02-02
Telegram Desktop Internet: secure instant messaging Telegram Desktop Portable 2016-05-20