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mwayne's PortableApps

Submitted by mwayne on February 19, 2014 - 10:29am

Official Releases

Application App Type Homepage Release Page
CPU-Z Utilities: system profiler CPU-Z Portable 2014-04-02
Everything Utilities: local search utility Everything Portable 2021-11-03
FreeCAD Graphics & Pictures: 3D computer-aided design (CAD) tool FreeCAD Portable 2020-09-27
FastStone Image Viewer Graphics & Pictures: image browser, converter, and editor FastStone Image Viewer Portable 2017-05-31
GPU-Z Utilities: graphics system profiler GPU-Z Portable 2014-04-03
Mumble Internet: voice chat for gaming Mumble Portable 2016-11-04
Open Broadcaster Software Music & Video: Live streaming and recording software OBS Studio Portable 2018-08-20
PCI-Z Utilities: PCI devices profiler PCI-Z Portable 2015-12-08
PotPlayer Music & Video: hardware enhanced media player PotPlayer Portable 2018-02-15
Q-Dir Utilities: quad-pane file manager Q-Dir Portable 2014-02-17
ReNamer Utilities: powerful file renaming tool ReNamer Portable 2017-09-13
Shotcut Music & Video: video editor Shotcut Portable 2020-07-02
SSD-Z Utilities: SSD information tool SSD-Z Portable 2016-02-02
Telegram Desktop Internet: secure instant messaging Telegram Desktop Portable 2016-05-20

Development Test Releases

Application App Type Dev Test Page
Android Studio Development: Android IDE 4.2 Dev Test 1
Anti-Twin Utilities: File comparison 1.8d Dev Test 1
AutoHotkey Utilities: Macro scripting Dev Test 1
CarotDAV Internet: WebDAV client 1.15.10 Dev Test 1
DocFetcher Utilities: Fast document search 1.1.25 Dev Test 1
dupeGuru Utilities: Duplicate file finder 4.1.1Dev Test 1
Eclipse Development: Programming IDE 4.20 Dev Test 1
Google2SRT Music & Video: YouTube subtitle downloader 0.7.10 Dev Test 1
HandBrake Music & Video: Video transcoder 1.4.2 Dev Test 1
Ipe Graphics & Pictures: Extensible drawing editor 7.2.24 Dev Test 1
JDownloader Internet: Download manager 2.0 Beta Dev Test 1
KiCad Utilities: EDA Suite 5.1.10 Dev Test 1
Kodi Music & Video: Software media center 19.3 Dev Test 1
MeinPlatz Utilities: Display used space 5.55 Dev Test 1
Meld Utilities: Visual diff and merge tool 3.20.4 Dev Test 1
MiKTeX Office: TeX implementation 2.9.6361 Dev Test 1
MinFFS Utilities: Sync files and folders Dev Test 1
MKVToolNix Music & Video: Create, alter and inspect Matroska files 64.0.0 Dev Test 1
MSYS2 Development: Building platform on Windows 2020.05.17 Dev Test 1
PicoTorrent Internet: BitTorrent client 0.25.0 Dev Test 1
Pulover's Macro Creator Utilities: Macro creator 5.4.0 Dev Test 1
PyCharm CE Development: Python IDE 2021.2 Dev Test 1
Python Development: Python interpreter 3.7.9 Dev Test 1
ReText Office: Powerful editor for Markdown and reStructuredText 7.2.1 Dev Test 2
SciTE4AutoHotkey Development: AutoHotkey IDE Dev Test 2
SpaceSniffer Utilities: Display used space Dev Test 1
Syncthing Internet: P2P file synchronization 1.18.0 Dev Test 1
TeXstudio Office: LaTeX IWE 4.0.4 Dev Test 1
WinPython Development: Python-distribution for Windows Dev Test 1
WinScan2PDF Utilities: Scanner to pdf 4.71 Dev Test 1


Application App Type Dev Test Page
360 Browser Internet: internet browser Dev Test 1 (2014-07-29)
Aegisub Music & Video: Subtitle editor 3.2.2 Dev Test 1
AHK Studio Development: AutoHotkey IDE 1.0.14 Dev Test 1
NetWorx Utilities: Bandwidth monitor license change
Wise Folder Hider Utilities: folder hidden tool 2.02 Dev Test 1 (2014-06-09)


Since years I use these smart tools from the company CPUID and installed them manually from their ZIP-File into my Portableapps-Menu.

No I have seen the first time that you did an official Portable-App of CPU-Z after your "Last Dev Test" CPU-Z 1.69 Dev Test 1 of 2014-04-02.

Are you going to make Portable-Apps also of the other tools like:
- PC-Wizard
- HW-Monitor
- T-Monitor
- Pref-Monitor2



It seems MiKTeX (MiKTeX Launcher), TeXStudio and LyX projects are abandoned by darksabre76.
Could you please take them back and update them?

Please, many students needs those.

Thank You.

I don't know who you're in real life. But I'm really thankful to you coz you're the one who have released the portable versions of software like Android Studio, Handbrake, Kodi, JDownloader 2, MKVToolnix which are most used by me. I don't know much technically, but most of your apps are eligible for official release. Good going mate.
Just a small request, if you got time can you please do portable versions of Sonarr, Radarr & Lidarr? (Have posted in forum, but just wanted to ask you)

There is an issue with more recent PotPlayer builds (both from DAUM and PortableApps) having a white square with the PotPlayer logo pop up in the lower right periodically when opening a video.

I think the logo pop up is a place holder for ads that are in some DAUM releases of PotPlayer.

I asked about it here:

It seems that the PA PotPlayer versions are special builds for PortableApps.

Is there any way to get access to the older PortableApps versions of PotPlayer?

I want to test older versions to find the most recent PotPlayer build that does not have this pop up.

Either way, thanks for your great work on PotPlayer and all your other PA releases!

Mr. Pewpy But-Whole's picture

Thank you for posting FreeCAD for portableapps! Since Fusion360 changed their hobby license I was looking into FreeCAD and thought its also on portableapps and there it was posted not but a day before! Thank you so much!

I am looking to make Ultimaker Cura 3.6 portable but I haven't a clue where to start. Any suggestions or to whom could this be commissioned?