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Pyromaniac's Portable Software

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Submitted by Pyromaniac on December 29, 2010 - 12:34pm

Here you'll find a list of all the apps I've made portable (and I couple I've made from scratch). I try to keep the list as updated as possible.

Official Releases

These lucky seventeen apps got to go official. Hopefully more will follow.

Application Category Description Homepage
AndreaMosaic Graphics & Pictures Mosaic Maker Official Release
CamStudio Utilities Screen recorder Official Release
Chromium B.S.U. Games Space shooter Official Release
Don't Panic! Utilities One-click app hider Official Release
FocusWriter Office Distraction-free word processor Official Release
Frhed Development Free hex editor Official Release
Hot Spot Studio Graphics & Pictures Mix light to create art Official Release
IObit Uninstaller Utilities Uninstaller and cleaner Official Release
Kobo Deluxe Games Simple, 3rd person scrolling 2D space shooting Official Release
Notepad2-mod Development Lightweight text editor Official Release
QwikMark Utilities Benchmarking Official Release
Smart Defrag Utilities Powerful disk defragmenter Official Release
SuperTux Games 2D jump'n run game Official Release
TinyTask Utilities Macro record-playback Official Release
VirtuaWin Utilities Virtual desktop manager Official Release
WhatChanged Utilities Regshot alternative Official Release
ZoomIt Utilities Screen annotator and maginification Official Release

Development Tests

I have a bunch of active development tests that I still work on. Please test them and give feedback, so we can eventually see them go official. :)

Application Category Description Homepage
0 A.D. Games RTS Game of Ancient Warfare Development Test
Adv. Onion Router Internet OR Network client Development Test
AssaultCube Reloaded Games AssaultCube Fork Development Test
AMP Font Viewer Utilities Font manager Development Test
Blumind Office Mind-mapping program Development Test
Cool Reader Office Simple eBook Reader Development Test
Executor Utilities Multi-purpose launcher Development Test
F.lux Utilities Screen brightness adjuster Development Test
FileMenu Tools Utilities Context menu editor Development Test
Game Booster Utilities Temporarily optimizes PC Development Test
Google Earth Internet Virtual globe Development Test
Graphical Ping Utilities Realtime graphical pinging Development Test
GTD-Free Office TODO/action manager Development Test
Image Tuner Utilities Image resizer, editor Development Test
JStock Office Stock manager Development Test
LookInMyPC Utilities PC Information Gatherer Development Test
Marathon Games Classic FPS game Development Test
minipad2 Utilities Small utility collection Development Test
muCommander Utilities Dual-pane file manager Development Test
Mouse Jiggler Utilities Background mouse jiggler Development Test
Nibbles Extreme Games 3D Snake game Development Test
PopTray Internet Customizable email checker Development Test Search Internet PA Search Chrome Extension Development Test
RocketDock Utilities Mac OSX-inspired app launcher Development Test
Runscanner Utilities Process scanner for misconfigurations Development Test
ScreenMarker Utilities Screen annotator Development Test
ScreenShooter Graphics & Pictures Screenshot editing/uploading Development Test
TaskUnifier Office Task management software Development Test
TCP/IP Manager Internet Network configuration Development Test
TyperTask Utilities Improves typing speed Development Test
Wabbitemu Utilities Graphing calculator emulation Development Test
WebShot Utilities Webpage screenshot tool Development Test
Zkanji Education Japanese learning tool Development Test

Dead Projects

Occasionally I will stop development of some projects, for a variety of reasons, such as incompatibility with certain versions of Windows, development of the original app being dropped, the apps are old or irrelevant, or because I've discovered somewhere along the way that the apps can't be made portable. I've included them for reference/archival purposes, and I don't work on or support them anymore.

Application Category Description Homepage
Flock Internet Social Web Browser [DEAD]
Free Download Manager Internet Free download manager [DEAD]
GLtron Games Origial Tron-like game [DEAD]
Halo Zero Games 2D Halo game [DEAD]
IObit Security 360 Security Anti-malware [DEAD]
IObit Toolbox Utilities Administrative tools [DEAD]
Midori Internet Lightweight web browser [DEAD]
Nibbles Games Snake clone [DEAD]
Notepad2 Bookmark Edition Development Notepad2 w/bookmarks (Try Notepad2-mod) [DEAD]
PAF-2-U3P Utilities Converts PortableApps for U3 [DEAD]
PageBreeze Development HTML Editor [DEAD]
Random Password Generator Utilities Generates random passwords [DEAD]
Seizure Dome Games Arena shooting game [DEAD]
Space Invaders OpenGL Games Space invaders clone [DEAD]
Spiffy Internet Email checker [DEAD]
Trillian Astra Launcher Internet IM Client [DEAD]
U3 LaunchPad Cleanup Utilities Cleans up mess by U3 [DEAD]


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I started to change it, but then decided to reorganize it (so its easier to find stuff)

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you've been busy!

"No one man can terrorize a whole nation unless we are all his accomplices." - Edward R. Murrow

forgot SOFA Smile

If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port,
and the bus is interrupted as a very last resort,
and the address of the memory makes your floppy disk abort,
then the socket packet pocket has an error to report Biggrin

fixing my lame list so it is nice and pretty like yours

Located here

I originally liked the stepped format but now looks lame


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appears that someone already took my purposeful stepping away, I just wish that they allow us to do it it did not hurt and the effect I saw was good....oh well

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” Dr. Seuss

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You mean you had done so before, but a mod took it away? Hmmm...

I had used the ordered list to step it sideways like when you outline things

...... this official

without the dots though I used oredered lists within the ordered lists
But guess was not appreciated

Oh well I like your way and even tried doing a table but did not work I posted my code to paste bin and w as hoping someone would look at it because I was sure the stepped idea would be squashed

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” Dr. Seuss

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..........and stealing some stuff from the Marathon apps you made. But I did credit you, so please don't kill me..........

The biggest question I have is have you ever gotten this:

Processed 1 file, writing output:
Adding plug-ins initializing function... Done!
Error: resolving install function "Nsis2Io" in function "mui.FinishPre_150.5.9"
Note: uninstall functions must begin with "un.", and install functions must not
Error - aborting creation process

and if you have, how did you fix it? I'm trying to make a version Marathon that doesn't require a download while installing, and that's the last error in the compilation of the script.....

And I was thinking of keeping the app private at any rate, so unless yours never makes official you won't see mine, so please please pretty please don't kill me..........

nya nya
nya nya
ni hao

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I don't plan on killing anyone soon Wink

As for that issue your experiencing when you compile, I have no idea what that issue could be, but my best guess is that it has something to do with the newer version of the launcher/installer your using to compile is having compatability issues (which seems unlikely to me) but I'd have to know what you did.

What exactly are you doing to the marathon portable packages anyway? Just copying the binaries to the App/Marathon folder right? And then compiling?

Also, you might wanna continue this discussion over on the Marathon Portable page (some mods might come after you if we went off topic in this post).

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I might just take over your Halo Zero and Midori projects...... mostly out of boredom than anything else........

nya nya
nya nya
ni hao

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Halo Zero was dropped because its incredibly slow on newer computers (I've confirmed this with at least 4 machines). And Midori Portable was taken over by someone else over here.

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I didn't know about the midori project, and so far the only trouble I've had with Halo Zero is getting the program to start in safe mode (my cursor is trapped in the upper left quadrant, so i have to use it). Otherwise I'm only stuck at making the installer.

nya nya
nya nya
ni hao

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I'm currently on vacation right now (without a computer) but I'll try to push an update by next week. Also note what Gord said above.