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Submitted by darksabre76 on January 29, 2013 - 2:14am
Below are all of the applications I am currently packaging. This page will likely be more up to date than the official Test Releases page (at least for my stuff). So stay tuned here to stay on the cutting edge.


These packages have been given official releases here at I may or may not be the current maintainer but I was among the original packagers.
Application App Type Release Updated
Media Player Classic - Home Cinema Music & Video: lightweight media player 1.7.10 [Formerly at 1.6.5 Dev Test 1] 2015-12-22
Miranda NG Internet: Multi-protocol chat client 0.95.5 [Formerly at 0.93.5 Dev Test 1] 2016-06-23
Pushover Games: Domino puzzle game 0.0.5 [Formerly at 0.0.5 Dev Test 1] 2014-05-02
Sylpheed Internet: Simple email client 3.5.1 [Formerly at 3.5.1 Dev Test 1] 2016-12-02

Dev Tests

These are my current in-progress builds. Note that some of them might be outdated as I haven't packged in a while. Some apps being outdated might be due to the app itself not being updated as well.
Application App Type Release Updated
Alloy Analyzer Education: relational modelling tool 4.2_2015-02-22 Dev Test 1 2016-12-01
Amzi! Prolog Development: Prolog IDE 10.0.04b Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
Assimp and AssimpView Graphics & Pictures: multi-format model viewer 3.1.1 Dev Test 1 2014-07-26
Asymptote Graphics & Pictures: vector modeling language 2.38 Dev Test 1 2016-12-01
Bat To Exe Converter Utilities: Batch to EXE converter Dev Test 1 2016-12-01
BlueGriffon Internet: Gecko-based web IDE 2.1.1 Dev Test 1 2016-12-01
BlueJ Development: Java IDE 3.1.7 Dev Test 1 2016-12-01
Bulk Rename Utility Utilities: Batch renamer Dev Test 1 2016-12-01
CarotDAV Internet: WebDAV client and more 1.13.1 Dev Test 1 2016-12-01
Chex Quest 1-3 Games: 90's Advertisement Game 1.4.0 Dev Test 1 2012-10-24
Chex Quest 1-3 Plugin for ZDoom Games: 90's Advertisement Game 1.4.0 Dev Test 1 2013-01-26
CopyPath Utilities: file path formatter 0.0.2 Dev Test 1 2013-10-07
CurrPorts Internet: Network port monitor 2.30 Dev Test 1 2016-12-01
Deluge Internet: Full-featured P2P client 1.3.13 Dev Test 1 2016-12-01
Docear Office: Academic literature suite build 291 Dev Test 1 2016-12-01
gnuplot Education: graphing utility 5.0.4 Dev Test 1 2016-12-01
Google2SRT Music & Video: YouTube subtitle downloader 0.7.5 Dev Test 1 2016-12-01
Greenfoot Development: Java IDE 3.0.4 Dev Test 1 2016-12-01
GSview Graphics & Pictures: Postscript viewer 5.0 Dev Test 2 2013-11-03
GVEdit Graphics & Pictures: Graph and tree generator 2.38 Dev Test 1 2014-06-12
higan Games: SNES emulator v101 Dev Test 1 2016-12-01
IconsExtract Graphics & Pictures: Icon extractor 1.47.0 Dev Test 1 2012-11-16
LyX Office: WYSIWYG TeX editor and frontend 2.2.2 Dev Test 2 2016-12-03
MAME Games: Multiple machine emulator 0.180 Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
Me and My Shadow Games: Puzzle platformer 0.4 Dev Test 1 2014-01-10
Medieval CUE Splitter Music & Video: Audio splitter 1.2 Dev Test 1 2013-10-01
MiKTeX Launcher Office: Launcher for MiKTeX plugin 1.0.1 Dev Test 1 2016-12-03
MiKTeX Plugin Office: TeX toolset 2.9.6161 Dev Test 2 2016-12-03
MKVToolNix Music & Video: MKV toolset 9.6.0 Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
MobaXterm Utilities: enhanced terminal utility and more 9.4 Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
Mupen64Plus Games: Nintendo 64 emulator 2.5 Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
nano Development: Lightweight text editor 2.5.3 Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
no$gba Games: lightweight GBA and DS emulator 2.8d Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
no$psx Games: lightweight PSX emulator 1.9 Dev Test 1 2016-12-03
Open Hardware Monitor Utilities: Temperature and hardware state utility 0.8.0 Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
OpenCPN Utilities: Marine navigation software and chartplotter 4.4.0 Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
Raine Games: Multiple machine emulator 0.64.13 Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
ResEdit Utilities: Resource editor 1.6.6 Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
ResidualVM Games: Lua-based 3D adventure game interpreter 0.2.1 Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
ROMVault Utilities: Rom manager 2.2.7 Dev Test 1 2016-12-03
RSSOwl Internet: Standalone feed aggrigator 2.2.1 Dev Test 1 2016-12-03
ScummVM Games: Point-and-click game interpreter Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
ScummVM Tools Utilities: Companion tools for ScummVM 1.9.0 Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
Stella Games: Atari 2600 emulator 4.7.3 Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
Strawberry Perl Development: Portable Perl distribution Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
Subtitle Edit Music & Video: Subtitle editor 3.5 Dev Test 1 2016-12-02
Texmaker Office: TeX editor 4.5 Dev Test 2 2016-12-03
TeXstudio Office: TeX editor 2.11.2 Dev Test 2 2016-12-03
TeXworks Office: TeX editor 0.6.1 Dev Test 2 2016-12-03
XnViewMP Graphics & Pictures: Enhanced version of XnView 0.83 Dev Test 2 2016-12-02
Yawcam Graphics & Pictures: Java-based webcam tool 0.6.0 Dev Test 1 2016-12-02


These packages are no longer in active development for one reason or another. In some cases, another person did a better job and I decided to stop developing. In others, maintaining the application no longer had any use because of external factors. Requests to bring these back to active development are welcome and I will consider them as necessary.
Application App Type Release Reason
D-Fend Reloaded Games: Frontend for DOSBox and ScummVM 1.4.0 Dev Test 1 Developer has own version
Digsby Internet: Multi-protocol chat client Build 92 r30295 Dev Test 4 Service no longer active
Feed the Beast Games: Minecraft modpacks 1.04.03 Dev Test 1
OpenJDK Utilities: Open Java development kit portable 1.6.0 Dev Test 21 Better version exists
proTeXt Office: TeX editor suite 3.1.1 Dev Test 11 Supersceded by MiKTeX and other packages
QMC2 for MAME/MESS/UME Games: Multiple machine emulator 0.44 Dev Test 1 Supersceded by standalone MAME
Resilio Sync (formerly BitTorrent Sync) Internet: Torrent-based syncing application 1.3.106 Dev Test 1 Portability no longer possible for application
Technic Launcher Games: Minecraft modpacks 431 Dev Test 1


There are also various applications that I have not released at all due to complications or lack of wanting to try to get them working anymore. I will take requests to start some of these back up again, but don't count on it happening too quickly...
  • AIDA64 (Propeitary code, personal version ONLY)
  • Allway Sync 'n' Go (Developer made their own PAF version)
  • BitTorrent (uTorrent was more stable)
  • clrmamepro (Moved away from the application personally)
  • Daphne
  • DeSmuME
  • DICE
  • Exact Audio Copy
  • f.lux
  • foobar2000
  • Minecraft Launcher
  • Miro
  • Nestopia UE
  • nullDC
  • uCON64
  • ZeroBrane Studio


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Haven't seen you here in awhile and just noticed you were. Any plans to upgrade some of these packages? Could you use a hand?

Dan "FloriDan" Carroll
Just an old hacker having fun.