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Apps Ready For Official Release, Post Here

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John T. Haller
(Homepage) - February 29, 2008 - 4:24pm
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If you've created an app that is currently posted as a Development Test and the following apply:

  • it has been tested by folks and no bugs are found
  • it conforms to the guidelines below
  • you are willing to support it on an ongoing basis (at least 6 months)

... then please post a note in this thread. Please note that this is for the actual authors/packagers only. Please don't nominate someone else's app for inclusion. Developers/packagers, you can list up to 10 apps in a single post, but please don't continuously add new apps to one of the top 10 comments and please don't remove apps once they are crossed out. Once a post is within the top 10, we will whittle it down and then move on to the next post.

Here are the Development Test guidelines:

  1. Compile the Development Test Splash Screen into your launcher
  2. Follow the current Format™ specification.
  3. Use the current Installer (see Format™ specification for details).
  4. Doing a new release titled "Dev Test 1" or appropriate number. The installer should follow the standard naming convention of AppNamePortable_1.2_Dev_Test_1_English.paf.exe

Posts will be removed as the apps are released.

Apps that are not in Format and ready for official release on will be removed from this thread.

Java and .Net apps delayed

We won't be releasing Java or .NET apps just yet. Java we're waiting on licensing finalization with Oracle and will shortly have the only fully legal portable Java implementation which we'll work apps from. .NET apps are awaiting the new app directory which will have a special section for apps requiring .NET which will be hidden by default and include information on why it won't work on most public PCs (which are XP and have no .NET installed at all).

Note: This topic was originally retired but has been revived and we've been having developers pickup and revise some older apps that never made it to release. We're working on the newer postings quicker, but the old ones are getting picked off one by one as well.

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My apps ready for release

Balabolka Portable (Released)
Beret Portable (Released)
Bookbinder Portable (Java app, moved above)
jPDF Tweak Portable (Java app, moved above)
KeepNote Portable (Released)
Screenshot Captor Portable (Freeware, permission granted for bundling, awaiting nagware discussion)
VirusTotal Portable (Freeware, permission granted for bundling, waiting on file assocations)

Pyromaniac's Apps

AndreaMosaic (Released)
Marathon Trilogy
Nibbles Extreme (Online installer, please get publisher permission)
ScreenMarker (Online Installer, please get bundling permission)
SuperTux (Released)
TyperTask (Released)
QwikMark (Released)
WhatChanged (Released)
ZoomIt (Released)

scriptdaemon's Apps

ControlPad Portable (Released)
Cppcheck Portable (Released)
FeedRoller Portable (Released)
FileAlyzer Portable (Released)
FileKiller Portable (.NET app moved above)
Gridy Portable (Released)
HiJackThis Portable (Released)
OpenArena Portable
Orwell Dev-C++ Portable (Appears to contain MinGW 64-bit)
Pingus Portable (Released)
Red Eclipse Portable (will use Sauerbraten Portable maps if installed in the same dir)
RegAlyzer Portable (Released)
Speccy Portable (Publisher refuses to allow)

gluxon's Apps

Siggys waste bandwidth... that's why I have one.

Lazarus Portable is Ready


MyContacts Portable 3.0.3 (Freeware, publisher submitted)

Win2App Portable ready for release

Win2App Portable (mod note: Publisher submission)

darksabre76's Apps

grepWin (Released)
TortoiseHg (please talk to me before releasing)

Previously known as kAlug.

winterblood's apps

It's not a bug, its a feature.

My apps ready for release

R Portable (Released)

simpleshop's apps

Simple Shop Portable (Freeware, publisher submitted)

Digicamsoft's App

NWC Viewer Portable 2.51

NWC Viewer Portable 2.51 - if you are interested in this, it is ready for release


is ready for release. How can I proceed?

BirdFont, ready for release

BirdFont, freeware (upstream submission).

scriptdaemon's Apps (cont)

Bitmessage Portable
File Blender Portable (Waiting on a suitable host)

SuperSimple Video Converter Portable 2014.1 Dev Test 2

      <td><a href="">SuperSimple Video Converter Portable</a></td>
      <td>Video and audio transcoder</td>
      <td><a href="">Zelko@Gromada (publisher)</a></td>
      <td><a href="">2014.1 Dev Test 2</a></td>


Since this is a brand new test build you may wish to hold off on sayingit is ready for release until users have a chance to test it and ee if any bugs or issues?

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Ah, sry, I published the announcement on the wrong forum.